$28,000 With Just One Email

A client sent me an email recently announcing… “We sold $28k with just one email!” That’s a pretty good day, but it was the additional insight he added that stood out the

Why I Closed the Monthly Mentor Club

August was the final issue of my Monthly Mentor Club print newsletter. I announced it inside the Club a couple of months ago. But subscribers who aren’t current members have been asking

Fall in love with your clients

Don’t fall in love with your products or services. That can cause you to make all kinds of stupid mistakes! For example, I’ve seen beginners get so enamored with a product that

3-Step Business Plan

Your business doesn’t need to be complex to be profitable. Beginners often create all kinds of barriers in their own way of getting started. They’ll look at a business that has been

Thriving During Seasonal Trends

Wouldn’t it be great if your sales and profits consistently increased week-after-week…growing smoothly as you hit 7-figures, 8-figures, and beyond. That would be awesome! Sadly, that’s rarely how things happen in the