3 Limiting Beliefs that Repel Money

Which of these limiting beliefs is keeping you in the prison of your own mind? My last email about how you might be ignoring your highest value clients got me thinking

Stop Ignoring Your Highest Value Clients

A client noticed a billionaire on his customer list. This is someone pretty much anyone would know by name. You may be surprised who is already on your list…or who might be

Add Emotional Impact to Your Message

Does your message stir your readers’ emotions? A client recently sent me an outline for a solo podcast episode where he’d be sharing his message and mission. It was too clinical. It was

Why Google is NOT Your Friend

Google has some great free tools available such as Google Analytics, Docs, Forms, etc. They’re also one of the ad networks I recommend, especially Youtube. And of course, if you optimize your

3 Ways Course Creators Sabotage their Income

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve made all of these mistakes multiple times. You’d think once would be enough. Nope, I’m hard-headed. But I’m not alone. The majority of course creators